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Rocket Intel, Inc.: Time for a Career Upgrade

Is it time to add fuel to your career ambitions? Join our team at Rocket Intel, Inc. We have the opportunities people need to let their talents take flight. By encouraging each service expert to set his or her own course for professional development, our firm has launched many exceptional marketers into successful career horizons.

Thorough Training With Rocket Intel, Inc.

Your first mission with Rocket Intel, Inc. is to learn and become an expert in our outreach methods.

Training is paramount to our team-based culture, so we bypass ordinary learning materials and instead focus on hands-on knowledge acquisition starting day one. You’ll develop skills in key areas like communication, business, and leadership, all of which you’ll need for a successful career takeoff.

Rocket Intel, Inc. has the resources and learning environment you need to take your career to new heights. Become an expert in:

o Executing outreach campaigns for industry leaders
o Creating custom telecom solutions
o Managing time and booking appointments
o Leading small teams

Coaching Excellence

Each one of our managers launched their careers with our firm, so they know what it takes to excel in this industry. You’ll be paired with one of these coaches your first day with Rocket Intel, Inc. They’ll share their wisdom, guide you along the right paths, and help you steer clear of anything that can detract from a meteoric rise. Working with these experts will ensure you thrive here.


We go places at Rocket Intel, Inc. Our travel program takes us everywhere from regional trainings to tropical retreats. Together, we venture to new locales and enjoy being with our team at the same time. These trips are one of the ways we reward our consultants for their dedication and hard work.


We make networking a priority for our people. By attending conferences, industry events, and other functions, they meet influential people, from local business leaders to experts in our field. These experiences are essential to our career growth as they provide us with opportunities to learn from others and make important connections.


By encouraging bright minds to work toward collective goals, we’ve created a team-oriented environment within Rocket Intel, Inc. that secures our success. We place a premium on collaboration and harnessing everyone’s talents to drive results. There’s room for individual and group excellence, which means we celebrate more wins together as our people accomplish their goals and reach new heights.

If you’re looking for a job that aligns with your values, you’ll find it at Rocket Intel, Inc. Get in touch and explore the career paths we offer.

Power UP Your Career With Rocket Intel, Inc.

It’s all here at Rocket Intel, Inc. – the training, coaching, and networking opportunities a motivated professional like you needs for a successful journey. Contact us today by sending your resume to and discover your next career horizon.

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“I was always on the lookout for a company that I could grow with. Being part of that impactful growth with this team is incredible”

— Avery

“The team atmosphere and focus on mentorship have made such a huge impact on my professional development”

— Jacob