Rocket Intel, Inc. is a new force in the world of customer acquisitions, and we’re already making waves in our field. Part of this is due to the energy and focus of our leadership team: Jamel Follins, our company President, is an especially charismatic individual who has already achieved great things in his career at a very young age. This month, we wanted to highlight Jamel and let the world in on what makes him such a compelling leader.

First, a bit of background information. Jamel is 27 years old and attended Abilene Christian University, where he majored in business management. He was also on the football team, and this athletic experience is apparent in his approach to leading Rocket Intel, Inc.

When he was asked what traits made him want to manage his own business, Jamel said that determination and an appreciation for the long game were his two biggest influencers. He knows where he wants to be in the next few years and is intent on maintaining focus until he gets there.

We also wanted him to share some advice for budding business leaders, and his counsel was this: never give up on your goals. If you have a clear vision for what you want to achieve, nothing can stop you.

With Jamel at the helm, we’re certain the future will be exciting and prosperous. Follow our progress by liking Rocket Intel, Inc. on Facebook

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