When you first meet someone, you have a few moments to make a good first impression and a few seconds after that to break the ice and get the conversation rolling. While you might start by introducing yourself, what you say next will guide the conversation and make it a success. Here are some methods Rocket Intel, Inc. associates use regularly:

  • Share One Relevant Fact: Think of one detail that is interesting and appropriate to the setting, then share it. You can use it as a springboard to ask questions about the person to whom you’re talking. For example, you could share that you’re a huge foodie and ask for restaurant recommendations.
  • Ask About a Mutual Experience: At a conference, it’s easy to get people talking because you have the common ground of the event itself. You can ask how people liked the latest speaker or what they thought of a certain topic. We like to discuss how their work compares to the different strategies the speaker suggested and what we do in the Rocket Intel, Inc. office.
  • Ask About Entertainment: Football is such a great icebreaker because so many people watch the sport, but the same goes for many other entertainment topics. Choose an area you’re interested in and, at the very least, the other person will ask you to elaborate more on the subject even if they know little about it.

Networking is a key skill we teach our associates. We also share lots of tips for networking effectively on our Twitter account, so be sure to follow Rocket Intel, Inc.

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