The end of the year is upon us, which means end-of-year celebrations to look forward to as well. Because of how much we enjoy being part of Team Rocket Intel Inc, we’ve decided not to have just one party this year, but two – one for Thanksgiving, and then another for Christmas!

We don’t take this commitment lightly: the holidays are a very busy time for everyone, especially those of us in the customer acquisition industry. The increased traffic that comes with the fourth quarter means growth in the new year. Being busy is exactly why we’re extra mindful to show our gratitude though; when our team feels appreciated, they give 100 percent effort to their work.

Therefore, building a team-oriented atmosphere is one of our top Rocket Intel Inc priorities. When people feel supported, empowered, and valued, they thrive. True, each team member is responsible for their own career journeys, but we do our best work – and achieve our best results – when we pool our talents and strive toward common goals. Camaraderie and collaboration are how we will exceed all expectations in 2019.

So, while our parties will be held near Thanksgiving and Christmas, what we’re really celebrating is the amazing team we have and the incredible year we have in front of us. Find out more about our plans by checking out our Rocket Intel Inc Newswire feed.

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“I was always on the lookout for a company that I could grow with. Being part of that impactful growth with this team is incredible”

— Avery

“The team atmosphere and focus on mentorship have made such a huge impact on my professional development”

— Jacob