Interviewing at a new company such as Rocket Intel, Inc. can be a great way to get to know the firm and your potential coworkers just as they’re getting to know you. To help you do a really great job at this meeting, we’ve put together a few steps for standing out from all the other potential candidates for the position:

  • Learn About the Company: Spend some time before your interview reading the company’s website and any news you can find. Get a feel for the team culture, their values, the work they do, and the types of projects they like to take on. All this information will not only inform your decision about working for the firm, it will also help you craft unique and appropriate answers to interview questions.
  • Dress for Success: If you know the industry and company culture, you’ll be able to dress as though you already fill the role. Some prefer sharp suits while others are more comfortable when the teams are in jeans and tennis shoes. Looking like you already fit in helps your interviewer imagine you in a position in the office.
  • Tell a Story: When you’re asked an interview question, think of a way to answer it that tells a story. Rocket Intel, Inc. interviewers try to make inquiries that naturally generate stories, but even when you don’t get these kinds of prompts, you should still try to think of narratives to illustrate when you’ve demonstrated a specific skill or behavior.

Taking the time to prepare yourself before an interview gives you a chance to set yourself apart from any competition and make it obvious that you belong in the role. For more interview tips, join the Rocket Intel, Inc. community on Facebook.

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