As an emerging leader in the customer acquisition industry, we’re lucky to have Everett as our Rocket Intel Inc home base. An up-and-coming community 25 miles north of Seattle, our hometown provides a vibrant setting in which we can set and achieve ambitious goals. Jamel, our company’s President, explained that we’re honored to share our success by giving back to good causes in Everett as often as possible.

Everett boasts a population of about 108,000, making it the seventh-largest city in the state of Washington. The technology, aerospace, and service-based industries are the biggest employers in our city. This includes the U.S. Navy, which has operated a station in Everett since 1992. We also offer the largest public marina on the West Coast, along with the fastest-growing commercial export port.

There’s no shortage of recreational opportunities and natural beauty in Everett. Team Rocket Intel Inc can certainly vouch for this, as we make the most of our hometown’s unique assets. There are more than 40 parks, trails, golf courses, and open spaces in our city. We also make use of nearby lakes, rivers, and the Olympic Mountains. The Whidby and San Juan Islands offer remarkable ways to unwind with friends and family.

We’re thrilled to call Everett home and look forward to many more years of success in this region. Follow Rocket Intel Inc on Twitter for updates on our team achievements.

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